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India is amongst the top 12 countries counted as major contributors to more than half of world’s mismanaged plastic waste1. Plastic is used across almost every industry, from packaging, to building and construction, in textiles, consumer durables, transportation, electrical and electronics as well as in industrial machinery.

In fact, plastic is a vital component for consumer electronics and appliances, enabling manufacturers to innovate and develop goods that are lighter, safer, more aesthetical, environmentally friendly and durable. Not only does plastic allow for innovative designs, but variants of plastic offer resistance to fire, moisture, hard impact, making this versatile component invaluable for the industry.

While it is an essential component, mismanaged and ineffective disposal of plastic waste is the reason for alarmingly adverse impact on the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

A global environmental threat, in India, the Indian Government, along with the private sector players are making concentrated efforts in creating awareness of better plastic waste management, how to reduce as well as recycle plastic waste at industry as well as household levels. In 2022, the Government amended the Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, 2016, making Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mandatory for the Producers, Importers, and Brand owners wherein they have to adopt effective and accountable plastic waste management methods for all the waste generated by them.
In recent years, there has been deeper focus by public as well as private sectors to create wider plastic waste management awareness amongst the inhabitants of the country through various programs on repurposing plastic waste that cannot be recycled further into fuel for stationary diesel machines like generators or as construction material for building roads or pavements, and much more. As consumers of electronics and durables, we must make conscious efforts to extend the product lifespan, look at ways to reuse or recycle the obsolete products to avoid contributing to the growing plastic waste in the landfills. Each small step can help us contribute towards building a greener and sustainable planet and help India achieve its vision of becoming a zero-waste nation.